Compado’s Contextual Technology Platform

Compado’s Tech Platform for Contextual Advertising and Content Monetization distributes contextual brand recommendations: It displays contextually relevant brands on media, content and review sites.

The Platform connects brands, that want to meet new customers and raise awareness, with audiences that are ready to buy.

Compado’s Tech Platform at a Glance

Compado’s Tech Platform integrates various interdependent technologies, to match brands to contexts and to match brands to shoppers.

The following six elements make up Compado’s Tech Platform.

  • The Contextual Identifier

    Compado’s Contextual Identifier constantly recognizes and categorizes commercially viable contexts – contexts that could be enhanced by inserting contextually relevant brand recommendations.

  • AI, Machine Learning and Ranking

    Once a user enters a context, Compado’s Platform, using Machine Learning and AI, assesses
    which industry is most suitable to the context at hand – and begins to rank industry-specific
    brands based on their attractiveness. Subsequently, a brand-recommendation frontend is inserted that contains one or several of the ranked brands.

  • Cookie-Less Data Tracking

    If a user decides to follow Compado’s brand recommendation and clicks out, Compado’s Cookieless Data Tracking is activated: We’re now sending campaign-specific data to the partnering brand (without cookies) and the partnering brand sends data back to us (also without cookies), for instance, if a conversion happened.

  • Automated Campaign Management

    Building on the collected data, the Platform begins to improve its brand-recommendation
    performance. The more data we collect, the more the performance increases. The beauty of it: The Platform improves itself. There’s no manual action needed by our partners – performance improvement is full-service and follows our “customer-as-a-service” credo.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Technologies

    Once data is flowing, our Platform also A/B-tests various frontends, to detect the best-performing frontend for a given context. We’re also learning which audience segments convert particularly well and are able to focus our efforts on highly motivated audience segments.

  • Automated Content Management

    With knowledge about what frontends convert well, we’re able to improve our graphical user interfaces further. With the help of our automated Content Management Systems (CMS), we’re now also able manage and expand content at scale.

How does Compado’s Tech Platform work?

  • Compado’s Tech Platform for Contextual Advertising connects brands, that want to meet new customers, with audiences that are ready to buy.
  • To do that, Compado’s Tech Platform identifies contextually fitting environments where brands should be presented – contexts that shoppers turn to before shopping.
  • In those contexts, Compado matches brands and Purchase-Motivated Audiences by presenting contextually fitting brand recommendations.
  • At the heart, Compado’s Tech Platform accesses a vast inventory of commercial contexts, ranging from mass media to intent-based media.
  • Once a brand receives access to Compado’s Tech Platform, it is presented in all available contexts where it (a) contextually fits and (b) where it’s viewed as an attractive brand worth recommending.
  • Through recommending attractive brands only when there’s contextual fit, Compado achieves outstanding conversion rates.

Add your brand to Compado’s Tech Platform and grow your brand through Contextual Advertising.

Add your brand to Compado’s Tech Platform and grow your brand through Contextual Advertising.

How we display contextually targeted advertisements

Article about a healthy diet:
We match a contextually fitting meal-kit brand.

Article about online gaming:
We match a contextually fitting browser-gaming brand.

Article about a learning a new language:
We match a contextually fitting language-learning app.

The Contextual Advertising Environment

The internet knows an infinite amount of contexts – some are frequented for amusement and entertainment purposes, others for shopping and taking purchase decisions.

Compado’s Tech Platform is specialized in giving brands the opportunity to present themselves in contexts that shoppers frequent before shopping.

Compado knows many contexts that shoppers turn to before making a decision. In those contexts, Compado inserts brand recommendations: shopper-influencing graphical user interfaces that display one or several brands and that are used for connecting shoppers with brands.

Among others, Compado’s Tech Platform uses the following frontends to connect brands and consumers when there’s contextual fit:

  • Shopper-Guiding Content – incl. reviews, guides, editor’s picks, text links

  • Quizzes and Questionnaires

  • Ranking Lists

  • Rank-Based Recommendations (single brands, duo, podium etc.)

  • Dynamic Banners and Sticky Banners

  • Display- & Banner-Style Widgets and Native Widgets

  • Intent-Based (non-intrusive) Pop-Ups

  • Coupons, Discount Codes, Deals

Please note that we’re constantly identifying, testing and adding new frontends to Compado’s Tech Platform.

Contextual brand recommendations appear on owned or syndicated media sites or on Compado’s Publisher Network, whenever there is contextual fit.

Contextual fit is determined by Compado’s recognition and matching technologies: Various technologies work hand in hand to identify, interpret and categorize contexts. Once there’s a fitting brand for a given context, Compado inserts a brand recommendation.

Brands who are added to Compado’s Tech Platform for Contextual Advertising will be presented to matching shoppers across contexts and frontends.

We’re making sure that your brand is presented to matching customers in only the best-fitting contexts. Add your brand now and present your brand to shoppers who are ready to buy.

Technologies for Contextual Advertising

Compado’s Tech Platform for Contextual Advertising is powered by an extensive body of proprietary technologies, enabling Compado’s leading Contextual Advertising.

Compado’s Tech Platform integrates various Contextual Advertising technologies:


    Technologies to present attractive brands throughout the web, in various contexts, through owned, syndicated and partnering publishers. Technologies that select and distribute brand recommendations through best-in-class frontends.


    Technologies to identify and route Purchase-Motivated Audiences.


    Technologies to capture, score and map a brand’s attractiveness.


    Technologies for automated and individualized matching of brands and shoppers in related, fitting contexts, including Machine Learning & AI.


    CMS Technology to catalog world’s leading value-driven brands and to distribute fitting brand recommendations.


    Technologies to map brands to fitting contextually relevant environments.


    Technologies to scan, interpret and categorize contexts.


    Technologies for Tracking, Performance Management and A/B Testing.

Proprietary technology empowers our leading Contextual Advertising and allows us to match brands with fitting shoppers throughout the web. Add your brand to Compado’s Tech Platform for Contextual Advertising and see what our technologies can do for your your brand.