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There are more brands than ever. For every Interest, for every Need, for every Problem, there’s dozens of brands.

How does Compado find out which brands it will recommend to you? Actually, preparing your brand recommendation begins long before you enter a Compado brand ranking.

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I want to look into Matchmaking Brands

Organizing & Individualizing Brand Attractiveness

Long before you enter a Compado Brand Ranking, we are organizing information on what brands your peers are choosing. We will recommend brands to you that people like you deemed attractive.

Brands That Are Relevant to You

Within split seconds, Compado looks at you and at dozens of brands catering to your interest, to see what brands are most relevant to you. All our recommendations are individual.

Brand Recommendation Made Easy

Compado is using the universal language of Ranking Tables to recommend brands – a language understood by anyone, without words. In our tables, brands are ranked based on attractiveness, with attractive brands receiving high visibility. What you’re seeing first is what’s most attractive.

Better Than Anyone Else

We are NEVER taking money for listing or recommending brands! Compado brand recommendation will remain free of charge. But how is Compado making money then? Easy, our brand recommendations are better than anyone else’s – that’s why we’re only taking money (a commission) if a user is actually signing up with a brand.

Ongoing Optimization

We know that brand recommendation can be improved. We’re doing it every day, putting our technology to the test day in, day out. Every year we’re running thousands of tests to train our technology to bring world-class brand recommendation to you.

Scoring Brand Attractiveness

It’s practically impossible to recommend a brand properly without knowing anything about the brand or the person seeking recommendation. That’s why Compado technology looks at both: the attractiveness of a brand & the person that’s looking for recommendations. We are doing this in split seconds, to present an individualized ranking table to you in no time.

We are individualizing every ranking table for you. To make sure that the brands we are giving visibility to are most relevant to you we’re looking at many factors. At the heart, we are looking at Attraction and Customer Value: We are recommending brands that your peers sign up to (Attraction) and that have loyal users and maintain high-quality relationships with their followers (Customer Value).

We feed millions and millions of data points to our AI and world-class brand recommendation algorithm every day. Teams of data scientists, analysts and developers are improving and fine-tuning brand recommendation and set a benchmark in quality assurance: As relevant recommendations are recommendations that have been followed, we are thoroughly investigating all cases where users are not following our recommendations.

Here’s an overview of current key ranking factors & mechanisms.


Recommendation in Compado corresponds to giving visibility to a brand that we recommend to you. Compado uses ranking tables as a carrier for its recommendation, a universal language, understood without words. We are recommending brands by moving them up or down in a brand ranking table, increasing or decreasing their visbility. Visible brands are recommended brands.

We are giving visibility to attractive brands. While we are moving down less attractive brands, we’re moving up attractive, industry-leading brands. While our attraction formula is complex and relying on an ever-growing body of factors, at the heart we’re giving visibility to brands that attract more of your peers than others (Attraction) and that users like to invest time and money in (Customer Value).

Brand Attractiveness

Consumers love attractive brands, and so do we. During years of research, we perfected Compado’s Brand Attractiveness Algorithm. By now, it’s a complex piece of tech, with dozens and dozens of variables. Yet, hundreds of millions of users have proven to us that, at the heart, attractive brands have two things in common.

1) Attractive brands are brands that your peers feel attracted to. That’s why we are using Attraction as a key ranking signal. 2) Attractive brands are brands that value their users highly. That’s why we are using Customer Value as a ranking signal .

Customer Value

Attractive brands are brands users like to invest in, be it time or money. In turn, attractive brands are brands that value their followers highly and maintain quality relationships with loyal users. That’s why we are considering brands with higher Customer Value more attractive than others. Attractive brands generate industry-leading Customer Value.

Compado uses Customer Value as a key ranking signal. That means, we are recommending brands to you that value you highly. In other words, a brand’s chance to gain visibility on Compado increases if it generates industry-leading Customer Value.


Attractive brands are brands that your peers like to sign up to – brands that attract your peers. That’s why we are considering brands with a higher Conversion Rate more attractive than others. Attractive brands operate industry-leading Conversion Rates.

Compado uses Attraction as a key ranking signal. That means, we are recommending brands to you that others – your peers – feel attracted to. In other words, a brand’s chance to gain visibility on Compado increases if it generates industry-leading sign-up rates.


We believe that relevant recommendations are individual recommendations. That’s why Compado Brand Recommendations put you in the center of choice: We are not recommending what’s best for the average population – we’re recommending what’s best for you. All Compado ranking tables are individualized by Artificial Intelligence.

To do that effectively, we’re looking at your peer group – people that are similar to you. In other words, brands that your peers will fall in love with are likely to be brands that will make your life richer, too.

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