Quarterly Press Release (Q2 2023) — Contextual Ad Spots: AdTech Frontrunner Compado expands Advertising Platform

by | Jul 19, 2023

Contextual Ad Spots: AdTech Frontrunner Compado expands Contextual Advertising Platform

Tech start-up Compado introduces contextual ad spots for increased brand awareness — and launches Rank AI, a contextual advertising widget.

“We spent the second fiscal quarter improving our platform,” reports Andreas Hoogendijk, chief executive officer of tech start-up Compado.


Bookable Ad Spots

Compado introduces ‘bookable ad spots’ — advertising space for visual brand communication, to increase brand recognition among shoppers.

“Partnering brands use the new ad spots to make consumers aware of their brand,” said Hoogendijk. Bookable ad spots can be used to showcase advertisements, videos or content.

Brands are able to contextually target consumers by specifying the context in which an ad should appear. Compado offers advertising space in various Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) categories such as food and beverage, technology and computing, family and relationships, and pets.

“Companies using Compado’s bookable ad spots have already reported strong results,” Hoogendijk said. “Brands that have received the beta access have increased brand recognition by an impressive 20%.”

Hoogendijk said as brands take advantage of Compado’s bookable ad spots to increase brand recognition, they will soon be introduced to another service that promises to elevate their digital brand communication even further.

“We aren’t just stopping with bookable ad spots,” he noted. “We will soon add ‘brand protection’ to our platform.”

In the third fiscal quarter, Compado will launch their brand-protection suite — solutions for brand safety and brand suitability on search engines. For instance, Compado will provide solutions for mitigating brand bidding and traffic redirection by competitors.

“The IAB views the implementation of brand safety solutions as paramount,” said Hoogendijk. “Compado shares these views, and we are quickly responding to those needs. We are excited to soon introduce our solutions for managing brand safety on search engines.”


Rank AI

The tech platform further announces the launch of Rank AI, a contextual advertising widget for the open web. 

“Rank AI looks at the content of a site and recommends contextually-fitting brands,” explains chief technology officer Emanuel Hoch. 

“It’s Compado technology made available to the world,” adds Hoch. “If you want to add contextual advertising to your website, Rank AI is how you do it.”

Rank AI, an advertising widget that allows websites to display contextually-fitting brands, is available for two categories of users — publishers and networks. 

  • Rank AI for Publishers
    • For website owners who would like to present contextually-fitting brands in their content, Compado offers ‘Rank AI for Publishers.’
    • Publishers sign up through a self-serve platform and are able to add contextual brand recommendations to their sites by adding the Rank AI code snippet.
  • Rank AI for Networks
    • Rank AI is available to intermediaries, too. Affiliate networks, that aggregate hundreds of brands, license Rank AI technology to create their own branded contextual advertising widgets.

“Rank AI is the leading advertising widget for contextual brand recommendations,” says Hoch. “So, if you operate a catalog of brands and offers, as affiliate networks do, Rank AI is able to scan that catalog and pick the most contextually-fitting offer within split seconds.”

Daisycon, a world-leading affiliate network, was one of the first intermediaries to receive access to Rank AI technology to create their own contextual advertising widget.


Advertising Partnerships

The expansion of advertising partnerships emerged as a recurring theme in the second fiscal quarter.

“I am happy that our partnership with Ad Alliance flourishes,” said Hoch. “Together with Ad Alliance, we’re providing contextual advertising to one of Germany’s premium domains, RTL.de, and we’ll soon be celebrating the partnership’s first year anniversary.” 

Compado also announces a partnership with Google AdSense, Google’s advertising program for interactive media advertisements. AdSense will provide contextually-fitting ads to Compado’s network of intent-based media sites.

“Compado is user-friendly through and through. User experience comes first,” explains Hoch. “Naturally, it’s a priority of ours to only show ads, which make the user experience better. Luckily, AdSense ads are highly contextual — and fit right in. Welcome, Google AdSense!”


About Compado

Compado is a B2B tech platform for contextual advertising and content monetization. Founded in 2016, the platform provides cookie-free contextual advertising to consumer brands and cookie-free content monetization to publishers. The platform’s proprietary contextual advertising puts brands in front of shoppers — and helps publishers to monetize their content through contextually targeted brand recommendations.


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