#CompadoInsights Rounds Up its 2023 Findings in the Food, Diet, and Weight Loss Industries

by | Nov 17, 2023

#CompadoInsights is the insights format of contextual marketing industry leader Compado. The company has summarized its key findings of 2023 relating to food and weight loss, revealing the trends and trajectories of the industry.

A turning point for the weight loss industry

The year 2023 has marked a pivotal milestone for the weight loss industry, with interest worldwide reaching levels not seen since 2017, growing 21% from levels in 2022. Throughout the year, #CompadoInsights has been observing customer interest in the industry, producing and publishing insights on standout topics, and documenting the growth of public interest. The rising popularity of the industry has been evident worldwide, and interest in shedding pounds has finally returned to – and surpassed – pre-pandemic levels. However, this is not to say that the world’s eating habits are converging.

“Although we’ve found we’re all becoming more health-conscious, the data shows that each nationality still has their preferred way of doing things,” says Tim Vowden, data scientist for #CompadoInsights. “You can see it in the popularity of diets and foodstuffs within each nation. For example, we found that the Irish are the most concerned they’re getting enough protein, and the Turkish are least keen on giving up their sweets.”

“There are plenty of ways to lose weight,” he continues. “In fact, that’s become the problem – with so many diet plans available, quantity over quality has destroyed customer trust!”

Poor experiences lead to skeptical customers

Like every other year before it, 2023 has seen an influx of new diets and weight loss plans, and with thousands of options available, it is becoming harder and harder for the customer to tell a fad diet from a genuinely healthy one. #CompadoInsights delved into customer trust and uncovered the skeptical tendencies of today’s weight loss enthusiasts.

The instinctual first question of those hearing about a new diet – “Does it really work?” – paints a portrait of the doubt that plagues the industry in 2023. #CompadoInsights’ research suggests this skepticism is more likely to affect men than women. Men seem to be less interested in new diets, and when they are interested, they are more likely to want to hear positive testimony before trying it themselves. It’s no wonder, then, that #CompadoInsights found the “hottest new diet” of 2023 – the Mediterranean diet – to be 11x times less popular than the ketogenic diet, which has been around long enough to earn some public trust.

But trust is not the only thing in short supply when it comes to food.

Time and money – too little of both

Despite the growth of the weight loss industry over 2023, 3 times as many home chefs would still choose a more affordable meal option over a healthier one. For most people, cash remains king- even surpassing the growing priority of personal health.

“If cash is king, then time is queen,” says Vowden. “While it’s true the diet and weight loss industries are growing, these two factors have always dictated the food industry. Even amongst those who consider themselves home chefs, 80% are only willing to spend 20 minutes actively cooking per night.”

“This priority on time is particularly true in the U.S., where more than half of home chefs think 20 minutes is too long to spend cooking each night.”

Insights from Insights

“It’s clear that the growth of the weight loss industry is coming with some caveats,” says Joschka Weltgen, Compado’s chief strategy officer. “Yes, the industry is growing, and yes, more people are interested in a healthier lifestyle. However, today’s customer refuses to be fooled. They are willing to try a new diet – if you can prove that it works. They are willing to adjust their meal plan – if the meals are affordable and easily prepared. #CompadoInsights has found the customer is willing to trust again – if the industry is ready to deliver.”

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