Compado Announces the Launch of #CompadoInsights

by | Aug 31, 2023

Compado has announced the launch of their new insights format, titled #CompadoInsights. The service will reveal insights they have uncovered in the data they process as a leader in the contextual marketing industry. 

Sitting on a wealth of data

Have you ever wondered if Europeans like cats more than dogs? Curious about where VPN users pretend to be located? At the start of 2023, Compado piloted #CompadoInsights, a new format that makes data insights just like these available to the public.

“As a B2B tech platform for contextual marketing and content monetization, we sift through and analyze a lot of data,” said Joschka Weltgen, Compado’s Chief Strategy Officer. “We realized the data could have a second purpose. Aside from contextual marketing, it’s simply a lot of interesting information. Information that, thus far, hid in our databases.

“As a contextual advertising company, we have a deep understanding of context and go beyond the surface level,” adds Weltgen.

Contextual advertising uses relevancy to advertise to an audience which is already interested in the product being featured. To be sure of relevancy, the audience needs to be understood, and that means data – lots of it.

#CompadoInsights was formed to share Compado’s data with the world. Insights from Compado’s Platform for Contextual Advertising are shared weekly on the company’s LinkedIn profile.


Information to Infographics

Since the start of 2023, the team behind #CompadoInsights has been on a journey of discovery, exploring Compado’s back catalog of data and showcasing its findings.

“Naturally, Compado has tons of data on their contexts, from all over the world. There’s a huge amount of data available to look through: keywords, audience demographics, behavioral data, quiz responses. There’s a treasure trove of data,” said Tim Vowden, data scientist for Compado. “We analyze and explore the data, and once we find something interesting, the next step is sharing it.”

Compado has been sharing its findings using the medium of infographics, published exclusively on the company’s LinkedIn page.

“We decided to initially focus on morsels of information that could be easily understood with punchy headlines,” Vowden continued, “So, it made sense to go with infographics published to social media. That way, the message we’re sharing can be delivered succinctly and digested easily by a wide variety of people.”

The infographics so far have covered topics such as VPN user preferences, the habits of meal kit users and dieters, the steady rise of the gaming industry, and recently, the pet preferences of Europe. The list of industries that Compado’s Contextual Advertising serves is forever growing. “That’s why our infographics are just as varied,” adds Vowden.


Compado Insights Press Releases

“We’re looking forward to growing the #CompadoInsights format over 2023,” says Weltgen.

Building on the success of the bite-sized, social-media-distributed stories displayed in their infographics, #CompadoInsights is moving on to sharing insights through press releases, too.

“Soon we will begin releasing regular press releases, sharing the most interesting insights we uncovered in greater detail,” says Weltgen. “We’re excited to expand our repertoire and will share more in-depth insights over the rest of 2023 and beyond.”


About Compado

Compado is a B2B tech platform for contextual advertising and content monetization. Founded in 2016, the platform provides cookie-free contextual advertising to consumer brands and cookie-free content monetization to publishers. The platform’s proprietary contextual advertising puts brands in front of shoppers – and helps publishers to monetize their content through contextually targeted brand recommendations.


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